The Cliff

  • Under IDEA, transitional support services end with high school graduation (or at age 22 if the student remains in high school)
  • By 2020, roughly 3.5 million people living with ASD will reach adulthood
  • There are over 70 Million people in the world with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Approximately 85% of persons with autism are unemployed or underemployed

Our Mission

  • By offering training and support, the mission of the Transition2Success Project is to enable adults with autism to find meaningful jobs and career pathways that lead to an independent, fulfilled life

Solutions: What changes life trajectory outcomes?

  • Counseling, behavioral support and assessments for the person with ASD
  • Vocational, communication and social skills coaching
  • Family, sibling and teacher/peer advocates
  • Awareness of -- and access to – structured economic and skill development opportunities at local businesses and colleges

Autism spectrum disorder is the fastest growing developmental disability

ASD is diagnosed more frequently than AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined

About us

The Transition2Success Project offers grant and scholarship opportunities for seniors in high school on autism spectrum to enable the successful transition to the world of work and/or college.

The program offers a unique package of customized supports with a focus on mental health and mentoring support. Those awarded a grant will start the program within six months of the anticipated high school graduation date. The scholarship and grant will provide continued follow-on support for a minimum of six months after high school graduation and is dependent upon satisfactory performance in an apprenticeship or college program.

Maureen N. Dunne, Ph.D.

Innovation,Technology and Learning Sciences Executive

Founder, Transition2Success Project

Dr Maureen Dunne has been spent her life as a passionate advocate for persons on the autism spectrum. After many years of research and experience in the autism field, she realized that there was a critical need to develop a transition program that coordinates all the key players at the community level -- high schools, employers, colleges/universities and counseling professionals -- to best support young adults with autism for future success as they transition from high school into the world of college and/or work. Dr Dunne received her PhD from the University of Oxford and completed postdoctoral training at Harvard/MIT.


The program offers a unique package of customized supports.

Core impairments

create particular challenges

Criteria for selecting recipients

  • Have a primary diagnosis of autism
  • Student should be in their last semester of high school or last year of Transition,
  • Intending to be at college or in an internship/apprenticeship/job within 6 months
  • Student that is needing extra support in terms of counseling, job coaching, etc.
  • Student may have been identified by high school staff as in need of mental health support
  • GPA of at least 2.0
  • Strong potential for independence with additional training.
  • Student must complete application, including interest surveys
  • Parental participation/involvement is required

Scholarship/Grant Award

Each scholarship/grant award is for $5,000 per person. $3,000 will go directly to counseling, mental health support and mentorship. It is expected that the recipient will actively engage in counseling or other support at least twice a month.

$500 for parent and sibling training.
The recipient will additionally be eligible to receive up to an additional $1,500 for any of the following customized support options:

  • Development of talents with a mentor, tutor or as part of an apprenticeship
  • Referral to a psychiatrist for evaluation or medication management Assistive technology
  • Approved skill development courses, including social skills and perspective taking
  • Consultations will other mental health and/or job training professionals
  • Other expenses on a preapproved basis

Our Partners

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